FAQ about Corona

What you should be aware of before your booking

Based on the experiencesof the last summer season and the prospect of a vaccine making us all hope that the corona pandemic will not have a bad influence for the upcoming (summer-)season 2021. But there could be basic restrictions because of the situation right now and the current state of knowledge – especially caused by the different local characteristics, intensity and the official valuation of the pandemic by the government.
Due to a lot of questions about the cancellation terms related to the corona pandemic we would like to answer the most important questions. By answering these questions we are oriented as “non lawyer” with reference to the package travel regulations, which regulates the binding framework for the travel contract between customers and as tour operators. The following answers are supposed to show our assessments fair and frankly. We want to avoid misunderstandings and we don´t want to spoil you the most beautiful time of the year.

Please, don´t make an early booking. You have no claim for a free cancellation only because you or one of your relatives belong to the risk group. Circumstances, which are caused by yourself or people in your surrounding, don’t have a claim for free cancelation. Please contact us before booking. Maybe we are able to find a solution for exactly your problem.

Yes, you have the claim for a free cancellation. If you already paid money, we have to refund the money to you within 14 days.
At the time of your or our cancellation it has to be clearly recognisable the administrativ order will take place exact for the time of your trip. A presumption would not be enough. Because of this, we make the offer for the upcoming season 2021 you have to pay the final bill till 8 days (receipt of payment) before your tour take place.

Just the risk your region of the tour could be accounted as a risk area, does not automatically result in a free cancellation for your trip. As soon as it is determined the tour area at your exact travel date is going to be a risk area, everything in point 2 takes place. Because of this, we make the offer for the upcoming season 2021 that you don’t have to pay the final bill 21 days before your tour but the receipt of the final payment has to take place till 8 days before your travel starts on our bank account.

If you book a water hiking trip for the upcoming season 2021 you must accept the regional administrative orders and you have been informed there is a high probability that a mask will be required. We do not believe that the mask requirement will be lifted because the incidence of infections has decreased significantly.

You booked a package tour and it has to be hedged for insolvency of the tour operator – this is also the case excluding the pandemic situation right now. We are insured by the R+V insurance. You get your booking confirmation including an insurance certificate (as a pdf-document in your travel documents).

No, you don’t have a claim for free cancelation. We recommend you for this case to book an additional insurance. Our partner ERGO insurance offers additional to the basic travel insurance the insurance for covid-19 and point out: “Fundamental, a disease is an insured reason for rescission. Exceptions are made for diseases, which the WHO classified as pandemic. Covid19 was classified as pandemic on march 11th, 2020. So because of that, diseases with covid are no longer an insured reason for rescission. Would you like to insure a disease as a result of Covid19, please expand your protection in the cancellation insurance by using our additional insurance Covid-19” (ERGO, as of 11/02/2020 https://www.reiseversicherung.de/de/service/corona-virus.html) .

To answer this question please contact your travel insurance or insurance specialist. We want to refer to the FAQ from ERGO our partner insurance: