Lakescapes between Müritz and Rheinsberg - travel close to the nature

8-days canoe trip from hotel to hotel

The natural untouched lakes and canals of the mecklenburg lake district are surrounded by big woods, moor and landscapes with meadows. They are the home of flora and fauna which are rare and critically endangered. There is no place in Germany where you are able to sight this much of cranes, white-tailed sea- or fish eagle like at the mecklenburg lake district.

Below you’re able to find the tour informations outlined at itinerary, the prices and travel dates at tour details , the general map of the journey, a small youtube clip and the hotel information of the involved hotel partners.

Day 1

Arrival and first impressions

You travel by your own to the hotel in the Mecklenburg Lake District.
We are happy to answer your questions for travelling to the hotel or the arrival by train. Call us or send us an email.
overnight in hotel 1

Day 2

Water Lilies Paradise and gutter lakes

After a small paddle briefing and the handover from the canadier or the touring-kayak we recommend a drive into the “water lily paradise”. The really narrow groove lakes are covered in a carpet of water lilies at the end of may. If you have a bit time left, we also recommend a visit at the national park lakes.
overnight in hotel 1
paddling distance: at least 8,5 km (canoe hire centre – Hotel)

Day 3

Canoeing through the “Old Waterway”

Your luggage is carried to the next hotel and you start your next paddling trip.
You canoe through the idyllic lakes of the Strelitzer and Rheinsberger Lake District. The lakeshores are often forested and unbuilt.
The focus of the trip is on observing and enjoying the water landscape – without any athletic condition.
In the evening you reach your small hotel – located directly at the lake.
overnight in hotel 2
paddling distance: at least 12 km (hotel 1 to hotel 2)

Day 4

Roundtour through the “Beek”

On today’s round trip you cross one of the remote, clear lakes of the Lake District. The lake is restricted for motor boats so you can really enjoy the silence of the landscape.
With a little bit of luck and attention you will also meet the rare kingfishers, sea eagles and fish eagles. In the evening you will reach your hotel at Labussee again.
overnight in hotel 2
paddling distance: at least 17 km (complete roundtrip)

Day 5

Legendary Stechlin lake

The canoe tour today leads you to the western connected lake chain in direction to the elbow-lake. On a short tramp you’re getting to the legendary stechlin-lake in the nature park Stechlin-Ruppiner country. This lake is with his 70 meters depth one of the deepest lakes in Brandenburg and one of the last clearwaterlakes in Germany. As an alternative you can spend the day relaxing at one of the lakefronts – and maybe with a jump into the water…
overnight in hotel 2
paddling distance: at least 27km (Hotel 2 – Stechlinsee – Hotel 2)

Day 6

Hüttenkanal and Rheinsberger lakes

Another change of the accommodation is on the plan for today. You will drive from the Rheinsberger landscapes until the Rheinsberger-lakes. The route proceeds from the “small Pälitz-lake” through the “Hüttenkanal”, above the Präbelow-lake, the Tietzlow-lake to the Schlaborn-lake and from this further to the Rheinsberger-lake! At the lakefront of the Rheinberger-lake is the next hotel placed.
overnight in hotel 3
paddling distance: at least 10 km (Hotel 2 – Hotel 3)

Day 7

Into the prussian Rheinsberg

It’s a day you should definitely enjoy. You will cross the Rheinsberger-lake southbound in the Grienerick-lake until you can see the Rheinsberger castle at the southwestern lakefront. You arrived at the brandenburgische Rheinsberg. Here spent the prussian crown prince “Friedrich der Große” his happiest years. The representative three-wing building of the castle with main courtyard round tower and colonnade was the court of the muses for the crown prince. The triangle place with his posting milestones in Rheinsberg, is the centre of a closed baroque city layout. It’s as an ensemble mostly preserved and represents an unique certificate Frederician city development.
The way back is in the opposite direction.
overnight in hotel 3
paddling distance: about 9 km (hotel 3 – Rheinsberg – hotel 3)
alternative small walking tour: ca. 8 km (hotel 3 – Rheinsberg – hotel 3)

Day 8

Tour end

Today your canoe experience in the mecklenburg lake district ends.
After breakfast: Transfer to the first hotel (parking spot at the hotel) – or to the next train station.

travel date

  • May to september 2024
  • The 8 day travel is according to availability free bookable. Please indicate as possible an alternative date


  1. 7 overnights in two midclass hotels (including tourist tax)
  2. 7 times breakfast per person
  3. 6 lunchboxes (for the paddeltours) per person
  4. boat inclusive equipment from paddle briefing until the fourth evening
    in a single room with 1-person touring kayak
    in a double room with canoe (standard) or 2-person touring kayak
    in a 3 person familiy-apartment with 3-person canoe
    in a 4 person family-apartment with 4-person canoe
  5. paddle briefing (Instruction to the boat- and paddletechnique) and also briefing (short territory informations) on the second day an 9:30 am (information link here)
  6. Luggage transport at the third day
  7. Tourkit with detailed tour description and maps (currently still in German)
  8. transfer drive and luggage transport to the point of departure on the last day

not included..

  • … is the 3-course menue for dinner
  • …are more catering services, which aren’t listed
  • …are entrance fees.
  • …are the canoe- and passenger transportation which aren’t listed among services or named in the tour program.

tour price

  • 895,- EUR pro Person im Doppelzimmer und Canadier/2er-Wanderkajak
  • 1289,- EUR pro Person im Einzelzimmer und 1er Wanderkajak
  • 997,- EUR pro Person ab dritter Person im weiteren Einzelzimmer und 1er-Wanderkajak
  • 751,- EUR pro Person ab dritter Person im weiteren Doppelzimmer und Canadier/2er-Wanderkajak
  • 2277,- EUR pro Familie im 3-Bett-Familienapartment und 3er Canadier 1
  • 2515,- EUR pro Familie im 4-Bett-Familienapartment und 4er Canadier 1

1 geringes Kontingent, bitte früh buchen

additional services


  • The canoe/kayak tours are individual self-guided tours. The pace is up to you: You’ll be given a tourkit from us (see above “Services”). By this tourkit you’ll be able to find your routes and get supplementary informations. If you have a GPS-tracker we will send you the* tracking files* for the day’s route as part of the tourkit.
  • You can choose the type of boat, a kayak or a canadier, while doing the (online-)booking.Read our informations to a little boat briefing
  • Vegan food: In consultation with our involved small hotels we agreed not to offer vegan food because of the small request.
  • Extra nights: At the beginning or the end of the journey we can book extra days. Please say us your travel date or the possible time frame and we’re sending a firm offer to you. Requests here

Um die Karten zu sehen, müssen Sie das Laden externer Medien akzeptieren.

Um die Karten zu sehen, müssen Sie das Laden externer Medien akzeptieren.

You stay overnight in a chosen mid-price hotel of the region which are run by the owner so these hotels doesn’t belong to any large hotel chains or the like. They are quite similar in comfort and culinary and are located near the water. Since we work with multi hotels and have not bought firm contingents, we register the booking only when we have made the firm register, and then name the hotel with the booking confirmation firm. You have the option to cancel the booking until 7 days after we emailed the booking confirmation to you with an answer to this mail if you not agree with the hotel. The canceling is free for you in the time frame of the 7 days.
On this page you can find current pictures of the hotels: Pictures of the hotel


We don´t have any room contingents at our hotel partners. We book all services for your trip after receiving your binding final (online) booking. For this reason we cannot give any reliable statements on availability and do not make any optional bookings.
However, you will always receive an email reply within 2 working days after we have received your final (online) booking, either with the final booking confirmation or with the information that a booking may no longer be possible on the choosen travel date.

Final Booking

You can start your travel registration with the green button “make final booking …” below.
After you have finished booking you will receive a system generated email copy of your booking details and within 24 hours an personal email notice of arrival from our office.
As soon as our partners have confirmed your booking (normally within 48 hours), you will receive the booking confirmation from us with the down payment invoice, the final invoice and also the by law required travel risk coverage certificate.

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